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About us Westernwear-Shop.com Our Quality Philosophy You can find us here
Westernwear-Shop.com was founded out of the desire to finally find an acceptable provider of quality western fashion products. This desire gave the founders the motivation to create a modern Online store and distributorship specialized in Country and Western fashion, Country- and Western apparel, Western Boots, Cowboy boots, Western bootsWestern shirtsWestern blouses, Country Western Shirts, Cowboy Boots, Cowboy Hats, Belts and Belt buckles, Leather beltsBoloties, Western hats, Felt hats, Leather hats, Straw hats, Western jeans, Pants, Jackets, Western fashion for Ladies, Women and CowgirlsWestern accessories such as collar tips, belt buckles, Boloties, everything such as clothing and accessories for Line Dance, Square Dance and Western riding. You will be satisfied with your decision for us.  Before creating westernwear-shop.com we were looking for good high quality Country and Western clothing. It was difficult to find a good source for high quality western products. A real challenge to find the right place to shop. That gave us the ideal to start our own online store for very good to premium western fashion and clothing for cowboys, cowgirls and any western fans like us. With westernwear-shop.com you have the right partner and won't have the same problem as we did. We value quality and only offer products that we would wear ourselves. Don't make any compromises when it comes to your beloved hobby and lifestyle.  Brian Lemming & Doris Aha-Stupp
Westernwear GbR
In der Dall 4
36088 Huenfeld

International calls:
Tel.: +49 (0) 6652 7499 300
Fax: +49 (0) 6652 7490 862

Calling within Germany:
Tel.: 06652 7499 300
Fax: 06652 7490 862

Internet: www.westerwear-shop.com 
E-Mail: info@westernwear-shop.com

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Company Profile Westernwear-Shop.com
The company Westernwear-Shop.com is a young company founded in January 2015 by the entrepreneurs Brian Lemming and Doris Aha-Stupp. Brian Lemming is a native American, western fan and experienced entrepreneur, known by from the company Lemming Safety. Doris Aha-Stupp is western fan and young entrepreneur. Both act together as owners and gerneral managers of the company. The company is located at In der Dall 4 in 36088 Hünfeld, Germany. Westernwear-Shop.com works entirely with e-commerce and online sales of Western products and operates internationally with its focus on shipping throughout Europe to consumers, companies and clubs to very attractive conditions. Westernwear-Shop.com also operates as a wholesaler and supplies to retailers, which sell western clothing and western accessories too thier customers.
Prior to creating Westernwear-Shop.com, the passionate western fans and founders were looking for good quality country and western clothing. What they found was the problem of finding a good source for high-quality western products. A major challenge to find the right supplier. This led to the idea to create thier own online store for excellent to premium quality western fashion and apparel for cowboys, cowgirls and all western fans alike. With Westernwear-Shop.com they created just that: a high quality specialized online shop for western fashion true to thier statement "Quality Western Fashion". Westernwear-Shop.com values quality and only offers products that the founders themselves would wear.
As an additional service Westernwear-Shop.com offers embroidery of western clothing, engraving of belt buckles and is active in the development of further processes to offer customers more customized solutions. Processes such as Laser engraving for surfaces such as metal and textiles. In addition Westernwear-Shop.com also works on own product developments to close market gaps.
Established out the desire to find a quality shop for western products, the founders created a modern online store specializing in country and western fashion, country and western apparel, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, belts, buckles, as well as apparel and accessories for line dancing, Square Dance, Rodeo and Western riding.
Westernwear-Shop.com not only offers excellent quality, but also provides a unique online shopping experience with a modern design. Learn more at www.westernwear-shop.com
If you have further questions, please contact:
Brian Lemming – General Manager of Sales and Marketing
Email: info@westernwear-shop.com
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